White Houses

Installation View

New Beginings

Possible Endings

Making Do


18" x 18" x 36"

Wood, String, Paint

"GINA THOMPSON engages the ostensibly fragmented reality of and between people and “things” with Family (2015), an empty dollhouse made of small white panels, stitched together in the manner of a patchwork doll. The hollow work is suspended at eye height, such that one stands- “inside” it. This effect illuminates Thompson’s Inside (2015), a photograph of what looks to be a door shot from within a neglected but full- sized home. Once the viewer has popped into Family, however, this home is revealed to be a dollhouse, too." - Victoria Camblin, Editor and Artistic Director of ART PAPERS

Inside, Stairs, Under Siege, Fix

Photograph 24" x  36"